Aim High Tutoring 

  Serving the San Francisco Peninsula and East Bay Communities

About Us


Our Mission

Our mission at Aim High Tutoring is to provide students the tools the need to reach their full potential. Our small and individual class sizes enable us to tailor tutoring sessions for each studentís perceived strengths and weaknesses. Our local school-based SAT classes combine the advantages of the lower cost associated with a larger group format and the individual attention allowed by one-on-one office hours where students can ask individual questions.


Our Founder / Head Tutor

Christina Van Aken has served as Aim High Tutoringís Head Tutor since founding the company in 1998. She began teaching SAT/ACT preparation and K-12 tutoring eighteen years ago, a few years before graduating from Stanford University in 1995. She worked for Pacific Educational Group on the San Francisco peninsula for several years and in 1998 started her own tutoring company. In 2003 she completed a Masterís degree in Cognition, Brain, and Behavior Psychology at U.C. Berkeley. For eighteen years she has tutored Bay Area students of all ages, from elementary school through college, and in all subjects, from standardized test preparation to math, science, reading, and writing skills.