Aim High Tutoring 

  Serving the San Francisco Peninsula and East Bay Communities


Read what a few of our clients have to say about our tutoring services:

"Aim High helped my two daughters organize their studying and maximize their potential. My oldest daughter is now a sophomore at Stanford and my youngest is a senior in high school who is fully prepared to immerse herself
in college next fall."

-Holly, a parent

"When I was applying to MIT, my verbal score on the SAT was hurting my chances. After I took the test the first time, I realized that I could use some help. Working with [my tutor] allowed me to raise my score by 160 points. I have since graduated from MIT, and now I work in computer simulation systems."

-David, a student

"[My tutor] was there every step of the way as I applied to college and was the one to recommend, and help me get into, the college I attend now. She is an all around a smart individual whose ingenious methods of tutoring helped me get to the place I am today. I could not have done it without her 2 years of help."

 -Jaimee, a student