Aim High Tutoring 

  Serving the San Francisco Peninsula and East Bay Communities

Group Test Preparation Courses

Aim High Tutoring provides options for those who would rather take our standardized test preparation courses in a classroom or group setting.

Small Group Test Preparation Classes

If you have friends who also want tutoring for the SAT, we can set up small group sessions with multiple students. Many students have similar questions about the SAT and find the experience of working with a study partner extremely rewarding.

Multiple students meeting at the same time receive 25-35% off of individual tutoring pricing!  

Test Preparation Classes
at Your School

We have 11 years of experience teaching classes of high school students attending the High School Summer College program at Stanford University and are now offering this course to students of local high schools. If you are a school administrator or counselor and would like more information about offering highly effective yet affordable SAT preparation classes to students on your high school  campus, please give us a call at (650) 246-9725 or email us at: